Monday, 27 August 2012

Inhale Love

No classes today!!! (Holiday). Went to Bonifacio High Street and Market Market with my sister and yaya which I thought will be cancelled but yeah .... :). Here are some of the pictures. :) ENJOY! 

Wore laced cropped top which I got from a thrift store in Fashion Market and has affordable price. The pants which Rad gave me fits me well (FAVE PANTS!). The gold necklace I'm wearing is my sister's :))). I'm wearing wedge today cause I think that it will be hassle if I wear heels!!! (Hell, no.)

Top : Thrift shop in Fashion Market || Pants : H&M, from Radley Santos ||

 Shoes : Korean Brand

There are so many shops in sale. (Bonifacio High Street)

Socks from ALDO (3pcs of socks per set)

Necklace from CPS|CHAPS

These round framed glasses are so cute!!! They are so affordable!

HYPE!!! :D

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Keeping It Simple.

When girls got bored, this is the thing we do to kill our boredom (well, mostly?). Just put on fresh-looking make-up and take a picture of ourselves using a tripod and self-timed digicam or dslr.

This is what I did with myself last August 9, 2012. :)


  MAC Buff Matte Blush || MAC Nehru Eyeshadow || MAC 28 Colors Eyeshadow (Silver)

Nichido Black Brown eye pencil || Brush || Nichido Chestnut eye pencil

Fanny Serano Concealer (Sand) || Volum' Express Mascara || Elianto Lip Gloss 

Bracelet : Oxygen || Necklace : from my mom

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Starting off...

     First, Me and Radley are together since Feb of 2012 :). We definitely have similar interests in fashion and a lot more that's why we get along easier. 

     So, like other fashion blogger, we decided to make our own blog to share about our lifestyle and our interest in fashion and on some other things but our difference is we will be blogging as a couple :). We will be posting random pictures (Outing, food, life, and especially fashion). Hope you will often visit and read our blogs!! -Jhai

At the Supersale Bazaar, World Trade Center last July 14, 2012.

We both have Lookbook accounts. Have time to visit it. :D